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Setup Instructions

Application installation package for the Android OS has the extension is apk installation archive. To install the application on your mobile device, you must copy the apk file to your mobile device and run it. After successful installation of the application it is necessary to dig and set.

Here are step by step instructions on preparing your mobile device to work with the application, as well as installation and start-up.

Mobile device Getting started with the application

Before installing an application you need to prepare your mobile device to work correctly. To do this, you must allow the following items:

  • "Wireless & networks (use Wi-Fi and mobile networks to determine location)" (Settings -> Wireless & networks -> location and device protection)
  • "The installation of applications not obtained from the Market"  (Settings -> Applications -> Unknown Sources)

Download the installation package of the application on your mobile device

The installation package can be downloaded to the mobile device by any means, consider the most popular of them.

Download an application from a PC or laptop via a USB data cable

  • Connect your mobile device to your PC or notebook with a USB data cable.
  • On your mobile device go to Settings -> Applications -> Development and tick the item debugging USB
  • Open the status bar and confirm the computer access to the SD-card. Now your device should be displayed in Windows Explorer Windows.
  • Move the AKP file to your mobile device and open it using a file manager (see para. 3 "Installing and registering the application").

Download the application to your mobile device via Bluetooth

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device. (Settings > Wireless & networks and tick the item Bluetooth).
  • Make your mobile device accessible via Bluetooth. (Menu Settings > Wireless & networks > the Bluetooth Settings > Detection devices).
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on the device from which you want to send the installation package.
  • Connect your device via Bluetooth. "Add a Device" To do this, select from the menu. In the resulting dialog box, you will be prompted to establish a connection between the devices and select a password. Enter a password, the same password must be entered on the mobile device.
  • Once the connection is established, do AKP sending the file to the mobile device.
  • Save the file, and then run it on your mobile device.

Download the application to your mobile device via the Internet

To download an application using this method, run on your mobile device browser. In the browser address bar enter the address of the home page. Next, go to the Download link in the main menu.

Installation and registration application

  • To install the application, you can use the file manager to help him open the directory where you saved the file and run it. If you have downloaded the installation package from our website, the file will be in the default download folder. You can also select the option "Open file" immediately after download or open it from the download list.
  • After you install the application list, a shortcut icon for the installed program (it is called Phone Keeper):
  • It is necessary to open and configure the installed application, as well to connect the device to the control panel you want to record its unique number.

Adding a mobile device to the site

Control Panel
  • You must register on the site, the pop-up drop-down menu, select Email address, tick the "I agree with the resource usage rules" and click "Register».
  • In Your Email address provided during registration will come a password and a link to activate your account.
  • Next, you need to link your mobile device to account for this in the "Devices" and click "Add" button and enter a unique device number.
  • After you enter the unique number of the device, it will appear in the mobile device list.

The mobile device is registered and ready to work. Click "Manage" for managing your mobile device. You can view a list of calls, SMS, contacts from the phonebook, as well as move on the map.