PHONEKEEPER - search and locations mobile devices


Before end of May 2017, will be the distribution of free licenses, more information after SIGN UP.

Main functions

GPS movement control
Calls and conversations recording
SMS messages viewing
Monitoring of social networks
Remote control
Viewing of the phonebook

About application

PhoneKeeper - is an innovative product of our company, a mobile application, which is responsible for receiving and saving information. Our elaboration is applicable for the devices, which have only the operating system Android. PhoneKeeper allows you to receive full information about changes in the mobile device - about incoming and outgoing calls, duration of calls, messages in social networks and contacts in the phone book. Furthermore, it is possible to monitor the movement of the device in real time.

PhoneKeeper will be useful for:

  • ensuring your child's safety by monitoring his/her actions on the mobile device;
  • monitoring of the actions of your company to improve the efficiency of its functioning;
  • movement control of old people.

PhoneKeeper has a user-friendly interface, 24/7 technical support and a lot of functions.