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Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to the most popular and frequently asked questions about the mobile application Phonekeeper.In case if you do not find the answer to your question, you can always ask for help our experts! 

 Do Phonekeeper have technical support?

All our customers have free access to e-mail service of technical support. If you want, you can install a special option for operational dialogue with our employees.

Is it legal to use this application?

Using the app is legally with respect to your children, to the employees of your company if they have been informed about the fact of your usage of its application.
Other cases of using the application, particularly the further usage of received information in specific situations should be considered within the framework of existing laws. Our company does not provide legal advice.

Is it possible to install Phonekeeper on my mobile device?

The application is compatible with devices based on the operating system Android 3+, 4+.

Will the user be aware of installing the application?

If it is necessary, in the application settings, you can select a hidden mode. The app does not show visible signs of the work, and does not slow down your mobile device.

How to install the application?

The first step – installing the application on the user's mobile device. The second step – saving of the device code and adding it to your account on the server, the login information will be sent to your email.

How can I delete the application?

You can delete the Phonekeeper from monitored devices in your account on the server.

Why controlled devices must be connected to the internet?

The Internet makes it possible to transfer information from the monitored device to the control panel in your account. The application can use for this purpose mobile internet and Wi-Fi.

Can Phonekeeper work at large distances?

For a successful work of application, it requires only an Internet connection, location of the controlled object does not play any significant role.

How often the application updates the information?

The application updates the information at the moment when at the controlled object has been committed any act. The application is updated at least once an hour, but if in that time there were no active actions , your account will not change.

Where can I check received information?

After installing the application on the controlled device, it connects to our server, after which the relevant information will be sent automatically to your personal account.