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Terms of use

In cooperation with our company through this site, you automatically agree to the terms of the user agreement, the provisions of which you can see below. The Company is not responsible in case of violation of the conditions of your user соглашения. 
  1. Confidentiality. Privacy Policy is an important element of interaction between our company and its customers. Please carefully read the terms of its.
  2. E-mails Working with us, you consent to receive any information in electronic form. You agree that all messages received to e-mail, have the same legal effect as written sources.
  3. Copyrights. Any placed on textual, graphical site , audiovisual content is the property of our company and is protected by relevant copyright laws. Any use of website content for third party purposes without the written permission of our company. The Company is not responsible for the content of Internet links of third parties posted on our website.
  4. Your Account Saving data in your account in confidence is your responsibility.. Any activities that occur under your login, committed under the responsibility of the user. We reserve the right to make changes to your account, or delete it.
  5. Description of products. When providing our products and services we will do our best to accurately describe its characteristics. However, we do not guarantee that the description is created without any error..
  6. Returns Customer may return the item within 24 hours from the time of its acquisition. Refunds shall be made within 48 hours of the cancellation of the purchase..
  7. User Content Visitors to your site and customers can leave comments, feedback, suggestions in the relevant sections of the website. Incoming as content information will be processed by the moderators. Content must not contain advertisements, profanity, or links to malicious web pages, threats and other instances of unlawful conduct on the network. By providing our company's content, you are consenting to its use by us - edit, publish, distribute, delete.
  8. Disclaimer The site of our company can not be protected by 100% from external attacks. Accordingly, we do not give a guarantee that this website or message sent by us do not contain any viruses, malware, and other components. We are not responsible for damage or damage caused thereby.