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Privacy policy

Our company respects and fully shares your right to protection of personal information. That is why in relation to you we have developed a privacy policy, which you can find everything regarding the collection, provided the personal information you store and use.
Below you can find the main provisions of the privacy policy of our company . You can also ask your questions on this subject to employees of our company.

Personal Information

Personal information means any information requested by our company at various stages of cooperation with us. This contact information is obtained by visiting our website and register on it, participation in promotions and sweepstakes, any other form of cooperation with us and some of our partners.


To register on our website need to fill in the registration form, which includes a user name and password, and may also include personal information, such as name, phone number, e-mail address, mailing address, payment card number and expiration date. This information is used by our company to communicate with you, as well as to confirm the order.


To implement newsletter, we use your name and email address. Newsletter only after your subscription is not it. At any time you can unsubscribe in the section.

Promotions, sweepstakes, promotions

Our company also provides the opportunity to participate in promotions and sweepstakes. Any such action is voluntary and will require you to register on our website. Thus, we get contact information by which we can contact the winners of promotional game. When you register you can also opt to receive more information on our company, the nature of which is described in the document.

Cookie Files

Cookie files - small files obtained from the web your browser-Pages. We use Cookie temporary files that are stored by your browser, and persistent cookies, which remain on your hard drive. Cookie files are designed to provide a more convenient navigation, quick data entry, as well as giving you, the user, more interesting and advantageous information. You also have the right to completely eliminate the use of Cookie files.


In our log files are stored automatically collected information about visitors to the site, namely, the IP-address, browser type, Internet Service Provider , date and time of entry to the site, pages visited, the method of site visits, etc. This information allows you to make statistics of visits in different directions and detect fraud..

Web beacons

When working with our clients, we use web beacons, that is a small graphic image that allow us to obtain the necessary information we have. For example, we can send beacons with our e-mails that lets you know whether or not to read the letter. Use of Web Beacons enable us to identify weaknesses to work with customers and to make cooperation with you even more quality and effective.

Collection of information from other sources

Our company collects and stores information from third-party sources. For example, if you go to our website via the link or banner on another site, we capture this information and Cookie files will be placed on your computer. This is done to improve the quality of service to our customers.


Advertising on our website is presented by other companies. To display certain advertising uses information about the sites you visit and the pages. Personal information in this case is not used

The information you provide we use in the following cases:.

  • Check the account and order status. To confirm the fulfillment of the order, we check the correctness of the data you entered earlier. These actions allow us to bill you for the purchased product to make payment for goods sold by you and send to e-mail information about the status of the order.
  • Special offers. In that case, if you are subscribed to our newsletter, we can create for you an interesting proposal, examining the most visited pages.
  • Service inbox. In the case of special need, we can send you an e-mail important information, such as technical problems or moving to a new address.
  • Research. From time to time, we conduct market research, which is based on anonymous reports. Research aimed at the subsequent improvement of quality of service.
  • Customer Service. Direct contact with the customer occurs after active actions on your part - the purchase of goods or use of services. For connection you can choose one of the ways we offer.
  • Customize the user's preference. To display the most relevant and interesting for each of our user's information, we use the previously collected data from the cookie files, logs and other sources.

Dissemination and disclosure of information

We do not sell personal information about users to third parties. Below are the cases in which we can provide some of the data to third parties:
  • Service Providers Customer Information. available to our external service providers. This enables actions such as address verification, payment card numbers, detection of fraud.
  • Third parties. We give some information about our customers trusted partners who, in turn, has no right to disseminate this information. Thus, our customers can receive interesting proposals from third parties.
  • The public authorities. In order to comply with regional and international laws and consumer protection, we may share some of the information available to law enforcement authorities .


any personal and contact information provided by the client is stored on a secure site, which has advanced protection against any unauthorized intrusion from outside;
The transmission of information involved the best of modern encryption technology can ensure data security and integrity of the.
our services are intended for persons over 13 years old. Any user who wants to work with us to confirm the achievement of the age.
We reserve the right to change certain provisions of the Privacy Policy, add or delete some items. All changes users will be informed via e-mail.