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Possibilities of PhoneKeeper

Possibilities of our mobile application PhoneKeeper is a set of functions, united by one great challenge - to allow you successfully and remotely control your mobile device. 
  1. Calls monitoring and conversations recording. You get the opportunity to know all information about the calls - incoming and outgoing, their duration, and also you will know with whom the conversation is conducted. You can also activate the function of calls recording and listen to them at any convenient for you time. 
  2. Viewing of SMS and messages from social networks. The application provides access to SMS, and to messages from the majority of social networks. All the messages are saved, even if they were deleted by the user. 
  3. Monitoring of the phone book. At any time you have access to the phone book of the mobile device. You will also receive information promptly about changes in the contacts - deleting, renaming, or adding numbers. 
  4. Information about the movement. This means the possibility of viewing the movement of the mobile device on a map, as well as obtaining information on the length of being in a particular place. 
  5. Protection from the thefts. The app allows you quickly find lost or stolen mobile device, thanks to the information about moving, which are keep coming even after changing the SIM-card. 
  6. Saving of information. Any information received by the mobile device is synchronized with the server in real time. 
  7. Background recording. At any time you have the opportunity to record background sounds of the mobile device by specifying the desired recording time. You can listen to the information at any convenient time. 
  8. Recording of the actions. You can open the access to all the actions performed on the mobile device, including time of usage of certain applications. 
  9. Immediate application of the new settings. With this function you can quickly apply the new settings on the mobile device; it is done by means of SMS messages.